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Infinity Solar and Electric has been serving Southern California communities since 1999, providing the highest quality of solar and electrical service and efficiency to our residential and commercial clients. Infinity Solar is proud to support American Homeowners growing need to integrate cost beneficial solar solutions made by American manufacturing workers. Infinity Solar’s Industry leading manufacturing partner, with 35 years of award winning high efficiency solar systems, are privileged to provide an opportunity for every Southern California homeowner access to their custom designed solar solutions.

Our solar energy professionals can help you take advantage of the ultimate source of free energy maximizing efficiency in your home or business. If you have considered solar as a potential energy solution but thought it was not affordable; The Infinity Solar lease provides homeowners with a solar energy solution with zero money out of your pocket. Infinity Solar solutions are fully backed by industry leading USA Warranties and guaranteed to produce consistent energy solutions.

We encourage our clients to ask and be informed so that they feel good about their investment. With the solar industry growing at a rapid pace, you can be confident that we will keep you up to date with the latest technologies available.


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