Electric Power with Infinity Solar Financing


Ready to go solar, but not sure how to make it an affordable option? Anxious to get out from under the constant rising costs of electricity? A solar loan allows you borrow money with an unsecured loan for your solar installation.

At Infinity Solar, our aim is to help you go solar with the best possible financial option to meet your needs. We all want to maximize the value of the returns of our hard work. Traditional savings accounts can earn approximately a 1% yield, but when you invest in solar, it is a significantly higher yield. Ask our Sales Consultant for more information on how much you can save.

Benefit from incentives and rebates
Transferrable between homeowners
$-0 down option
Online Monitoring by Home Owner
Return on InvestmentGoodGood

With the loan products available, it makes sense to hold onto your cash and finance your entire solar project through one of our loan partners. With a solar loan, you will save from day 1 as the payment terms are structured to be considerably less than your existing electric bill. There are a wide variety of loan offerings available with different monthly payment amounts, interest rates, lengths, and credit requirements.

  • Unsecured Loan
  • No Money Down
  • Claim your 30% tax credit
  • Credit Cards Accepted
  • Start Saving Day 1

There are several options that your solar associate will offer you so that the best loan product that fits your needs will be available.

  • Variety of term options
  • Unsecured loans
  • Lowest monthly payments available
  • Low interest rates and terms – ask our Sales Consultant for our current offerings
  • Ask our Sales Consultant about available payment terms
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Simple and fast application process
  • Privacy protected
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