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LG’s NeON® R Prime Solar Panels: High Power Output and Efficiency with an All-Black Aesthetic

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The NeON® R is LG’s premium line of solar panels, featuring our highest power output, highest efficiency 60-cell panels. The NeON® R provides the same amount of power with a 60-cell panel as lower-efficiency panels provide in the same footprint.

The NeON® R also features Back Contact Technology, which enables LG to place the electrodes on the backside of the cell instead of the front. This leads to a sleek, modern appearance that many homeowners appreciate.

Still, there are homeowners who like the look of all-black panels – although the choice to go with black solar panels means compromising some efficiency. This is because all-black solar panels are manufactured with a black back sheet that absorbs light instead of reflecting it into the solar cells.

For homeowners who want it all – high power and efficiency AND the seamless appearance of all-black panels, we’ve developed a line of NeON® R solar panels called the NeON® R Prime. Designed with the same Back Contact Technology as the regular NeON® R, the NeON® R Prime offers powerful models with that black aesthetic some customers prefer. Currently, the line is available in 360W (20.8% efficiency) and 365W (21.1% efficiency) models, with a 370W (21.4% efficiency) model scheduled to be available later this year.

The Neon® R Prime also provides:

  • Outstanding Durability: With its reinforced frame design, the NeON® R Prime can endure a front load of 5400Pa (Pascal) and a rear load of up to 4000Pa. That translates to solar panels that can tolerate both high winds and heavy snow conditions.
  • Excellent Performance on Hot Days: The NeON® R Prime has a low temperature coefficient of -0.30%/°C Pmax. This means the panels perform well even in hot conditions that can negatively affect solar panel performance.
  • Near Zero Light Induced Degradation: The N-type cells used to manufacture all LG solar panels experience almost no initial degradation when first exposed to light.
  • A 25-year limited warranty: LG’s solid warranty covers performance, product and labor (up to $450 of labor costs will be covered in the rare case that a panel needs to be repaired or replaced).

Because all NeON® R solar panels are high-efficiency panels, they are ideal for installation on smaller rooftops or on roofs that experience some shading. The smaller-footprint panels provide installers with more flexibility when it comes to designing your solar system.

If you’d like more information on LG’s NeON® R solar panels, contact Infinity Solar Today.

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