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We pride ourselves on being a trusted solar power installer in our community. Your satisfaction with your solar system and savings are our number one priority.

If you’re concerned about energy security, now is the right time to go solar. We can walk you through tax incentives, how to achieve long-term financial savings and ways to ensure that your system pays for itself in the shortest possible time before continuing to provide clean energy for years to come.

We provide a great variety of REC solar panels, which are an advantage on smaller roofs or roofs that experience some shading. These high-efficiency panels are also highly durable – and they’re backed by REC’s 25-year expertise!

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Satisfied customers drive our business in both good times and challenging times. We are here for you, working safely by scheduling virtual consultations and practicing safe installation practices.

These include social distancing and no-touch installations. Contact us today so we can help you secure long-term financial savings while doing something positive for the planet.

We care about your energy security AND your safety. Going solar can ensure long-term energy security and savings.