Invest in the Future


In a time when new solar manufacturers seem to be a dime a dozen, SolarWorld delivers the perfect trifecta for your solar investment: a solid history, superior performing products and a sound financial foundation.

A trusted solar leader, we have been innovating and manufacturing photovoltaic technologies on American soil for more than 35 years—creating American jobs, leading American innovation, supporting American communities and providing relief to Americans faced with rising energy costs.

A Proven History, A Bright Future

Since our founding in 1975, homeowners, businesses, schools, government enterprises, utility companies and other forward-thinking leaders around the globe have trusted us to provide the most reliable, highest-producing solar solutions available.

Hundreds of SolarWorld team members sustainably execute every step of the solar manufacturing process at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Hillsboro, Ore., while our sales, marketing, customer service and engineering teams are based in our Camarillo, Calif. headquarters. When you invest in solar, you want a company that not only has a proven history of success, but one that will stand by its products for decades to come.

Unlike others that also manufacture disposable electronics like cell phones, solar is all we do—which is why we do it so well.

Superior Products, Maximum Return on Investment

During nearly four decades of manufacturing industry-leading solar panels, we’ve noticed a trend: while our customers return to us, our products do not.

Why? Our solar technologies are different because we’re different. For more than 35 years, SolarWorld has stood apart as the largest solar manufacture in the U.S. During this time, we have achieved many industry “firsts”—from being the first to produce one MW in a single year (1980) to introducing the industry’s first 25-year stepped warranty (1997). In 2011 alone, we produced more crystalline silicon solar cells than all other U.S. solar companies combined.

With satisfied customers in all corners of the globe, we augment our American operations with subsidiaries in Germany, France, Spain, South Africa, Singapore and Qatar. This gives us a high level of flexibility and proximity to customers in our core markets. Across languages and cultures, from residential homes to large-scale public utility installations, our brand is synonymous with quality, performance and innovation.

Products Designed for Performance

All solar is not created equal. SolarWorld maximizes every solar investment with proven, American-made quality, reliability and durability.

At the heart of our efforts lies a simple fact: the more sunlight solar panels capture, the more sunlight they convert into clean, efficient energy. Only SolarWorld offers Light Capture Technology to capture every ray of sun, and Energy Conversion Technology to transform every ray into an electron of raw energy. Our commitment to maximum energy output not only delivers maximum return on investment for our customers, but has also made us the recognized leader in solar.

In addition to our success with residential and commercial solar solutions, we have a successful track record in turnkey EPC services and large-scale photovoltaic systems. Our project management team intelligently and insightfully manages all design, supply and installation deliverables, and takes pride in our proven, established relationships with electrical equipment suppliers; electrical, mechanical and civil contractors; instrumentation and controls specialists; structural steel suppliers; and carport erectors, to name a few—all of who must clearly demonstrate capabilities that align with our exacting standards.

Whatever the size of a solar installation, no matter how harsh the terrain or weather conditions, we have the manufacturing strength, product availability and human resources to support the most demanding schedules and system requirements.

Operational Excellence

Quality stems from well-designed products. To ensure consistent, reliable solar excellence, every SolarWorld solar system begins and ends with the most stringent levels of quality control. Our manufacturing is completely vertically integrated, from crystal growing and wafer cutting to cell processing and panel assembly, which allows us to closely control every step of the solar value chain.

SolarWorld is independently certified by a multitude of agencies and organizations to ensure we meet and surpass stringent national and international standards. These authoritative performance ratings, certifications and standards consistently confirm what we already know: from sourcing the highest quality materials and adopting sophisticated manufacturing processes to engineering custom-designed installations, we demonstrate our commitment to excellence time and again.

Here are just a few of our certifications:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Certificate
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Certificate
  • Occupational Health and Safety Certificate
  • ISO 50001 Energy Management Certificate

Not surprisingly, we have never had a product recall—and we proudly back our performance with an industry-leading 25-year linear warranty as well as a 10-year product workmanship guarantee.

Sound Financial Foundation

At SolarWorld, our commitment to sustainability goes deeper than the products we manufacture. It extends to the materials we choose, our customers’ returns on investment, how we treat our employees, our commitment to innovation and our involvement in the communities we serve.

We proudly embrace eco-friendly practices, from raw material procurement to packaging of our finished products. At the same time, we strive to give back through community programs, including our popular Solar2Schools and Solar2World initiatives.

From the start, SolarWorld made a strategic decision to examine the real costs of every decision we make. We refuse to cut corners—which is a commitment to quality and our customers that will continue to power our success for years to come.