What to expect during the Installation Process

The Infinity Solar operations and installment team works diligently with home and business owners to ensure each and every solar installation project is handled in an efficient and professional manner. From every aspect of the financing, design and permitting, to installation and power company approval, Infinity Solar’s staff will ensure you are always aware of each step of the process.

Here are some general steps to inform you of a standard PV solar installation:

  1. Infinity Solar processes all applicable financing and contract paperwork with Client
  2. Solar Engineer scheduled for site inspection to confirm viability of project
  3. Spec sheet completed and emailed to Manufacturer for blue print draft
  4. Official Site Blue Prints drafted by licensed engineer
  5. Structural Engineer Review for Stamp on Blue Prints
  6. Stamped Blue Prints brought to City for approval (subject to city process)
  7. City approves plans / Supplies ordered from Infinity manufacturing partner
  8. Installation appointment confirmed
  9. Installation process (10-30 panels 2-3 days 30-80 panels 3-5 days)
  10. Installation complete office calls for city inspection
  11. Stamped and signed permit card to net metering with Power Company for PTO (power to operate)
  12. PTO from power company received by Infinity Operations department
  13. Infinity flips the switch activating solar system / Meets with Homeowner to review system monitoring instructions

*The outline above is reflective of an installation with Infinity Solar financing. If a client is purchasing a PV solar system Infinity Solar will work with the client to facilitate all  applicable state rebate and tax incentives.

During the installation Process Infinity Solar representatives adhere to strict company policy while onsite at a clients property.

Infinity Solar’s On-Site Protocol

Code of Conduct

  1. Shoe covers required at all times when entering customer home
  2. Client must be present when inside property
  3. If internet access is utilized it is with Infinity equipment not homeowners
  4. Owners will be requested to remove potentially threatening animals from work area
  5. Infinity representatives will ensure site is safe prior to accessing work areas
  6. Customer will have signed off on an Infinity Job Site disclosure form advising them of infinity onsite policies
  7. Customer will sign off on acknowledgement of site safety and cleanliness daily during installation process
  8. Work area will be maintained to the highest standards throughout duration of installation process
  9. Harnesses required on job sites with multiple stories
  10. Required use of UL approved work materials (i.e. ladders, tools, etc…)