Enjoy the Benefits of having Clean, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Power Your Home

Getting solar on your home or business with Infinity Solar, Inc. is as easy as 1…2…3!

Request a Proposal

A consultant and design team will assess your home, business, or organization’s energy requirements, gather installation details, and custom design a solar system built to optimize your investment into clean renewable energy.

Local Site Inspection

An Infinity Solar, Inc. technician will perform a site inspection to ensure that your quoted custom-designed solar solution is right for your property.

Installation Process Begins

Our in house operations team will handle every aspect of the installation process. From Design and Engineering Approval, City Permits, HOA, Installation, Final Inspection, and Utility Connections, we have covered.

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Meyer Burger Installer

Ready To Shine!

Meyer Burger stands apart from other module makers with their advanced proprietary heterojunction technology (HJT) which has been further optimized by their engineers.

By layering various types of silicon, Meyer Burger HJT cells have a unique structure that enables them to absorb a greater amount of solar energy compared to conventional cells, with less electrical resistance even in low-light conditions.

Invest in the Future With Enphase

We are Southern California’s Most Trusted Enphase Battery Gold-Certified Installer

Enphase energy solutions combine solar, storage, and software to track your energy usage, production, and consumption. With this system, you’ll be saving money passively as you go about your daily life.

Part of why we love introducing families to Enphase power solutions is the peace of mind you’ll enjoy, thanks to backup power. Likewise, with so many different battery types available, you’re sure to find one that meets your home’s power needs.

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Meet Our Partner: Solar Insure​

How Do Solar Panels Reduce Air Pollution

When working with Infinity Solar, rest assured in knowing you are covered! Solar Insure is the most trusted solar warranty / insurance company in the nation. So once we’re done installing your solar energy system, you are provided with an insurance-backed warranty that covers up to 30 years!

Solar Insure provides a comprehensive monitoring & warranty protection plan that covers your solar panels, labor, roof penetration, inverters, and remote monitoring.

Why Choose Us?

There are over 1000 solar installers in California. Infinity Electric has been proudly providing Southern California residents with the highest level of custom-designed solar and electrical solutions since 1999.

With the energy industry advancing every day, we take pride in offering only the best technology available. Battery storage is the future and we assure you that we are ready to integrate your solar system with your battery storage needs. We are privileged to be one of few Certified installers of the Tesla Energy Powerwall Home Battery.

From simple everyday projects to the most complex and elaborate energy needs, our goal is to earn your confidence and satisfaction.

tesla powerwall california

Infinity’s solar electric systems are custom-designed by team designers to ensure the highest performance for your home. Each system comes complete with the newest technologies available, including high-performance solar panels, inverters, racking, and a monitoring system for your personal analysis. Our systems are custom designed to optimize the specific energy needs of every homeowner to maximize their electricity savings.

Although solar is a beneficial solution to many homeowners, some find the upfront cost to be a barrier. With the Infinity Solar Inc.’s financing options, we can provide homeowners with a solar energy solution that makes switching to clean solar energy affordable and hassle free.

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