Solar Power in Laguna Beach, CA

Are you planning to get solar panels in Laguna Beach? As the price rates for solar energy continue to decrease, homeowners are finally able to afford solar power. Infinity Solar, creates custom solar power home solutions to ensure homeowners find the best solar system for their home.

Solar power allows homeowners to start living independently from the power company. Installing Tesla Powerwall is a great idea to consider when you convert to a solar home. Tesla Powerwall will allow homeowners to store the power the sun generates throughout the day.

Solar Panels & Tesla PowerWalls in California
Solar Panels & Tesla PowerWalls in California

Why Go Solar?

Investing in solar power is an ideal way to reduce your monthly utility bill. Energy costs are on the rise and look as though they will continue to rise over the next decade. Taking the time and money to invest in solar now can save you from massive energy bills in the future. Solar power includes a number of great benefits such as:

  • Reduce or Eliminate Electric Bills
  • Boost Your Property Value
  • Earn Your Investment Back
  • Become Energy Free
  • Protect the Environment

Solar panels will charge during the day and can rely on the battery back-up system at night or when it is cloudy. The Photovoltaic panels will use direct or indirect sunlight to generate power.

What People Are Saying

Frank M.
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We've had our solar system installed by infinity for about a year now,and I can't say enough about their superior service and price,and to top all that today we had Tim coming over for a electrical problem that we thought could be related to the solar system,but after a 30 minute of troubleshooting Tim fixed the problem (that had nothing to do with the solar but a loose circuit breaker)at no charge,thanks
B M.
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Just wanted to let you know your crew was a pleasure to work with. Their professionalism and friendliness was very welcome and so appreciated and I know that is a culture you have instilled in your company so good for you. The install from what I can see looks very well done and I am a detail oriented guy.... I look forward to passing inspection and getting those credits on the books.
James C.
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Tim, Kyle, and Kay made my experience with Infinity a pleasure. We were nervous about selecting a solar installer since we were paying out of pocket for the whole system. We did our research and selected Infinity because of reviews that highlighted their great customer service. In fact, many other companies did not respond promptly when we had questions about their quotes. If someone is not getting back to you when trying to get your business, what will they be like once they do? Not Infinity, they promptly and was happy to answer any questions. The process was handled in a timely manner and Kay and Kyle were happy to answer any questions. They installed in a day, handled all the paperwork with Edison and were incredibly responsive. Highly recommend
Patti W.
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After I met with and recieved quotes from 6 different solar installation companies, I did my research. I studied each companies' solar components in which they would install and how they all rate comparatively in quality and performance, based on many online reports. I reviewed each company's warranty policies to determine who has the best. After months of this scrutiny, I chose Infinity Solar and I'm glad I did. They were superb in everyway; offered the fairest price, the most quality components, the best warranty policy, friendly, responsive customer service and installation expediency. Been hooked up with solar now for 4 months and after 2 months, I not only have $0 to pay PG&E monthly, they have been paying ME $20 mo!

The Costs of Solar Energy

Some people feel solar power is too expensive to consider, however, solar costs have dropped, making it more affordable than ever.

Solar energy costs are based on the electrical needs of your home and the size of the home. There are tax incentives available to aid in reducing the costs of solar energy installation. Infinity Solar, has special financing options available to help homeowners find a way to properly invest in solar energy.

Contact Infinity Solar, if you are considering solar panel installation in Laguna Beach.

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