The largest expense most homeowners face monthly is heating and cooling costs. Infinity Solar is providing solar energy solutions with solar panels in Laguna Niguel, helping homeowners to reduce their monthly energy bill.

Saving Money with Solar Power

If you are ready to make the switch to solar energy, Infinity Solar can help! We offer free energy analysis and estimates to homeowners considering switching to solar. When you invest in solar, you will see immediate results upon your monthly energy bill. From the moment you turn on your system, you are moving toward energy independence. Tax incentives have made it easier than ever for homeowners to afford solar energy. At Infinity Solar Inc., our team will help you every step of the way to find the best solar solution for your home.

Solar Panels Laguna Niguel, CAWhy Invest in Solar Energy

Are you debating the decision to invest in solar energy? While the appeal to move toward energy independence is alluring, there are several other reasons to consider solar energy including:

  • Increase home value
  • More efficient home
  • Protection from rising energy costs
  • Earn your investment back

Maintaining Energy During Rain or Shine

There are several misconceptions related to solar energy, one of which is people assume the solar panels will not power a home when they do not have direct access to the sun. Photovoltaic panels use direct or indirect sunlight to generate power and will continue powering a home even when the panels are not actively charging.


We are an exclusive provider of Tesla Powerwall, and can provide homeowners with a power storage system to harness the suns energy and continue powering the home even when there is a blackout.

Why Choose Infinity Solar?

As solar installation costs continue to decrease, and many people are starting to pursue solar energy, there is concern over the quality of the solar panels and installation. Infinity Solar Inc., has been proudly providing Laguna Nigel residents with the highest level of custom-designed solar panels and installation since 1999. Call Infinity Solar Inc., for a free home estimate to determine if you are ready to make the switch to solar power!