Custom Solar Solutions for Aliso Viejo

California is leading the nation in the solar movement. With hundreds of solar installers all across the state, how can you find a provider you know you can trust? Infinity Solar Inc., has been proud to provide solar panels in Aliso Viejo since 1999. Our expert team continues to bring only the best service possible to our customers. We love solar power and equip our team with the knowledge and tools they need to do the job right. Solar energy conversion not only cuts costs on your monthly utility bill, it increases your home’s value, and it will help you take one step closer to living energy independent.

Solar Power Aliso Viejo, CAKeeping Solar Simple

Far too often homeowners become confused by all the solar companies and solar solutions available. At Infinity Solar Inc., we work hard to help our clients understand solar power and match them with the right solar solution for their needs. We provide financing options for those in need of extra help to make the initial investment in solar power.


At Infinity Solar Inc., we believe in building long-term relationships with our customers. We focus on keeping solar simple, affordable, and sustainable. With the right investment in solar energy, homeowners will be able to enjoy power at times when other neighbors in the area are experiencing a blackout. Our team is passionate about solar power and we enjoy showing people how solar works, the bottom line facts, and equip homeowners with the knowledge and tools they need to start living independent from the power company.

Make the Switch to Solar Power

The cost of solar power is continuing to decrease. As the prices drop, investing in solar energy has never been easier. Homeowners can even qualify for certain tax credits, which can help to keep the conversion to solar power affordable. Here are some of the reasons why Infinity Solar Inc., trusts solar:

  • Reduce or Eliminate Electric Bills
  • Protect the Environment
  • Boost Your Property Value
  • Earn Your Investment Back
  • Become Energy Free

If you would like to learn more about energy power in Aliso Viejo, contact Infinity Solar Inc., today, 714.880.8990.