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Utilizing solar energy at your home or business is a surefire way to cut utility costs while reducing your carbon footprint. Since most homes use the majority of their power after the sun sets, many utility companies institute Time of Use (TOU) rates, billing customers at higher rates for energy used during these hours. With Enphase solar batteries, you control the energy you use by storing excess energy for later—and avoiding costly TOU rates.

Enphase gives you the flexibility to manage your entire solar power system from an app or even out the system on autopilot. Unlike most solar energy systems, Enphase incorporates revolutionary technology to put microinverters under each solar panel. Coupled with Enphase storage, you’ve got yourself maximum performance and reliable backup power available when you need it.

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Benefits of Enphase Battery System

Benefits of Enphase

Enphase energy solutions combine solar, storage, and software to track your energy usage, production, and consumption. With this system, you’ll be saving money passively as you go about your daily life.

Some features and benefits of using Enphase IQ batteries include:

Enphase batteries resist extreme temperatures and humidity and even come with their own cooling systems. These batteries allow you to sit back and let the energy come rolling in with no moving parts. We take the entire installation process out of your hands, streamlining the process of getting your home hooked up on solar energy and making it more convenient than ever.

Types of Enphase Batteries We Install

Part of why we love introducing families to Enphase power solutions is the peace of mind you’ll enjoy, thanks to backup power. Likewise, with so many different battery types available, you’re sure to find one that meets your home’s power needs.

Encharge 10

The Encharge 10 includes the all-in-one AC-paired Encharge storage system, containing three Encharge 3 storage units. It outputs a usable energy capacity of 10.1 kWh.

You can connect multiple Encharge 10 storage systems to create a more extensive set of storage. This allows you to optimize your home’s backup potential with 12 embedded grid-forming microinverters.

Encharge 3

As an Enphase battery gold-certified installer in Orange County, California, we often hook up homes with the Encharge 3. The Encharge 3 provides up to 3.4kWh of usable energy and comes embedded with four microinverters. This unit allows for maximum flexibility.

You can start with just this battery and add more over time when you feel the need arises.

Enphase Smart Switch

The Enphase smart switch connects your home to the grid power. It provides microgrid interconnection device (MID) functionality for more power optimization.

Part of what makes it “smart” lies in the ability to detect and transition your power from grid to backup power in case of grid failure.

Enphase Battery Gold-Certified Installer in Orange County, California

With over three million residents, Orange County offers a perfect climate for beach-going and soaking up the sun’s rays for energy. Between Disneyland, Laguna Beach, and the countless public green spaces and parks, Orange County indeed has something.

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