Why Go Solar?

7 Reasons You Should Go Solar Today

Net Energy Metering

Customers with solar panels should enroll in our Net Energy Metering (NEM) rate option.

We’ll deduct the energy you export to the grid at times when generation exceeds on-site demand from your bill, and you may even earn surplus credits.

1 Immediate Expense Reduction

  1. Dramatically lower electricity bills—many homeowners experience at least a 50% decrease, up to the complete elimination of their electrical expenses.
  2. The average American household uses 920 kWh per month. Infinity’s average installation accounts for an impressive 840 kWh per month.
  3. Of course, savings depend on electricity requirements, available space and system orientation.

2 Hedge Against Future Energy Cost Increases

  1. Electricity costs are on the rise, increasing more than 21% during the past five years.
  2. Rates spiked 10.3% in 2006 alone.
  3. Fossil fuel supplies are dwindling, which means energy costs will continue to grow.
  4. With solar, you effectively lock in electrical costs and avoid escalating utility expenses.

3 Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  1. The average American household generates 7.4 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year through electrical use.
  2. Carbon Dioxide creates global warming which is dramatically affecting our climate causing glacier loss, shoreline erosion, and endangering many animals around the world.
  3. Conserve Natural Resources (i.e. Oil, Gas) – Each hour enough sunlight hits the earth to power the world for one year.

4 Increase Your Home’s Value

Studies show that solar systems can increase your home value by 20 times the annual electricity savings.

In addition, homes with solar systems tend to sell faster than homes without solar- 15% faster by some studies.

5 Energy Independence Foreign Policy

By harnessing the sun, we can reduce our reliance on foreign and non-renewable energy sources.

Each month, the USA sends literally Billions of dollars to countries with foreign policies not always in line with our own.

6 Conserve Natural Resources (i.e. Oil, Gas)

Each hour enough sunlight hits the earth to power the world for one year.

  1. That’s 400 trillion gigawatts per second and enough to power 400 quintillion homes.
  2. Putting the sun to work reduces the amount of coal and nuclear energy needed to power your home which helps preserve the earth’s supply of non-renewable resources.
  3. Coal and nuclear energy production consume vast amounts of water. Consequently, solar on your home can conserve over 16,000 gallons of water per year.

7 It’s Affordable & Easy!

Tax incentives and rebates can reduce the cost of going solar by up to 50% depending on your state and local programs.

Financing options are now available in many areas to help overcome the upfront costs of going solar.

Your payback period would be just 5-6 years and a compound annual growth rate of 9%. And depending on the weather conditions during the month, you could save up to 78% off your electric bill.