Why Go Infinity Solar


Serving Southern California residents since 1999

Infinity Solar and Electric has been serving the electrical and solar needs of Southern California Homeowners with the highest level custom designed solar and electrical solutions.

From simple everyday projects to the most complex and elaborate energy needs, our goal is to earn your confidence and satisfaction.

Our licensed solar engineers and site design experts are ready to provide a custom energy solution geared to maximize the financial and environmental needs of every homeowner we serve.


Custom designed system to maximize performance and return on your investment

Infinity’s solar electric systems are custom-designed by team designers to ensure the highest performance for your home.

Each system comes complete with the newest technologies available, including high-performance solar panels, inverters, racking, and monitoring system.

Each system is designed to optimize the specific energy needs of every homeowner to maximize their electricity savings.


Financing Solutions

Although solar is a beneficial solution to many homeowners they find the upfront cost to be a barrier to choosing to proceed.

With the Infinity Solar finance options, we can provide home-owners with a solar energy solution that makes switching to clean solar energy affordable and hassle free.

You can integrate solar for zero dollars out of pocket!