Harness the Power of the Sun with Infinity Solar in Riverside, California

Discover Infinity Solar, the premier provider of solar energy solutions in Riverside, California. In the heart of the sun-rich Inland Empire, Riverside is an ideal location for tapping into solar power. At Infinity Solar, we are dedicated to aiding both residents and businesses in their shift to cleaner, renewable energy. Our advanced solar panels are expertly designed for maximum sunlight absorption, efficiently converting California’s abundant sunshine into a dependable, cost-effective energy source for your home or business.

Solar power is not just an environmentally friendly option; it’s a wise financial decision. The consistently sunny weather in Riverside translates to increased solar energy generation and significant savings on your energy bills. We specialize in bespoke solar solutions, tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer, ensuring peak performance and optimum savings. Our team of experts will be with you every step of the way, from the initial consultation to installation and beyond, providing unmatched service and support. With Infinity Solar, transitioning to solar power is smooth and easy, enabling you to contribute positively to the environment while reaping substantial economic benefits.

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Infinity Solar in Riverside, California: Pioneering Sustainable Energy with Top Solar Panels

Meyer Burger Solar Panels: The Pinnacle of Photovoltaic Innovation in Riverside

At Infinity Solar in Riverside, California, we are proud to offer Meyer Burger Solar Panels, a beacon of innovation and efficiency in the solar industry. As leaders in photovoltaic technology, Meyer Burger is dedicated to powering a sustainable future. Their panels are celebrated for high performance, exceptional durability, and aesthetic design. Ideal for Riverside’s residential and commercial setups, Meyer Burger panels ensure maximum energy production, making your transition to solar energy both environmentally and economically advantageous.

QCell Solar Panels in Riverside: Harnessing Energy with Excellence

In Riverside, Infinity Solar is proud to offer QCell Solar Panels, renowned for their quality and reliability. QCell, a leader in the solar industry, provides efficient and cost-effective complete energy solutions. Their panels are engineered to deliver superior performance, ensuring maximum energy output, even in Riverside’s varied light conditions. QCell panels bring long-term savings and consistent energy production, perfect for Riverside residents seeking a sustainable energy future.

REC Solar Panels: The Future of Energy in Riverside, California

Infinity Solar in Riverside, California, is delighted to feature REC Solar Panels, a reflection of our dedication to high-quality renewable energy options. REC’s pioneering solar technologies make them a notable figure in the global solar landscape. Their panels are known for high efficiency, strong build quality, and impressive sustainability, making them an ideal choice for Riverside’s homes and businesses. REC Solar Panels offer an exceptional balance of performance and environmental responsibility, appealing to discerning customers in Riverside.

Infinity Solar: Empowering Riverside, California Homes
with Advanced Battery Storage Solutions

Tesla Powerwall: Revolutionize Your Energy Storage in Riverside

In Riverside, California, Infinity Solar is thrilled to offer the Tesla Powerwall, a cutting-edge solution in home energy storage. The Tesla Powerwall, with its rechargeable lithium-ion battery technology, is perfect for storing energy from solar panels or the grid, ensuring Riverside homes stay powered even during outages.

Its elegant design and quiet operation make it a seamless addition to any home. By choosing Tesla Powerwall, Riverside residents can take control of their energy use, step towards energy independence, and support a greener future.

Enphase: Smart Solar Storage for Riverside Homes

Maximize Your Solar Investment in Riverside

For homeowners in Riverside, California, Infinity Solar offers Enphase home batteries, enhancing the efficiency of solar energy management. Enphase batteries are designed to be reliable, safe, and compatible with various solar systems, making them ideal for Riverside’s diverse housing landscape.

These batteries store excess solar energy, providing power when needed and offering a smart way to manage energy costs. With Enphase, Riverside residents can easily monitor their energy, ensuring optimal use of their solar investment.

Franklin Whole Home: Comprehensive Energy Solutions for Riverside

Infinity Solar brings Franklin Whole Home batteries to Riverside, offering a robust solution for home energy storage.

These high-capacity batteries are designed to keep your home in Riverside powered under any circumstances. Ideal for those looking to enhance their solar panel efficiency or seeking a reliable backup power source, Franklin Whole Home batteries are durable, easy to integrate, and compatible with various solar systems.

They represent an essential step towards sustainable and independent energy management for Riverside homes.

What People Are Saying

Frank M.
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We've had our solar system installed by infinity for about a year now,and I can't say enough about their superior service and price,and to top all that today we had Tim coming over for a electrical problem that we thought could be related to the solar system,but after a 30 minute of troubleshooting Tim fixed the problem (that had nothing to do with the solar but a loose circuit breaker)at no charge,thanks
B M.
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Just wanted to let you know your crew was a pleasure to work with. Their professionalism and friendliness was very welcome and so appreciated and I know that is a culture you have instilled in your company so good for you. The install from what I can see looks very well done and I am a detail oriented guy.... I look forward to passing inspection and getting those credits on the books.
James C.
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Tim, Kyle, and Kay made my experience with Infinity a pleasure. We were nervous about selecting a solar installer since we were paying out of pocket for the whole system. We did our research and selected Infinity because of reviews that highlighted their great customer service. In fact, many other companies did not respond promptly when we had questions about their quotes. If someone is not getting back to you when trying to get your business, what will they be like once they do? Not Infinity, they promptly and was happy to answer any questions. The process was handled in a timely manner and Kay and Kyle were happy to answer any questions. They installed in a day, handled all the paperwork with Edison and were incredibly responsive. Highly recommend
Patti W.
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After I met with and recieved quotes from 6 different solar installation companies, I did my research. I studied each companies' solar components in which they would install and how they all rate comparatively in quality and performance, based on many online reports. I reviewed each company's warranty policies to determine who has the best. After months of this scrutiny, I chose Infinity Solar and I'm glad I did. They were superb in everyway; offered the fairest price, the most quality components, the best warranty policy, friendly, responsive customer service and installation expediency. Been hooked up with solar now for 4 months and after 2 months, I not only have $0 to pay PG&E monthly, they have been paying ME $20 mo!