If you are looking to reduce your energy bills, become environmentally friendly, and even get tax returns, getting solar technology is what you’re missing! However, installing solar is not something you just trust anyone to do. To get the efficiency you expect, have the best solar company in Orange County, California, install the best technology!

With Infinity Solar in Orange County, California, you will enjoy the benefits of having clean, renewable, and sustainable energy power in your property. With more than 20 years of experience, we are the most experienced solar company in Southern California. Get in touch to learn more about us and how we can serve you.

What Makes Infinity Solar The Best 

Infinity Solar counts on licensed solar engineers and design experts to provide custom solutions to maximize your energy satisfaction and minimize expenses. Each of our solar systems comes complete with the newest technology: solar panel installation, solar batteries for homes, inverters, racking, and more! 

We are a solar company committed to providing you high quality and professional service that gains your trust and confidence. To earn them, we provide the best warranties on the market for any of our solar services. Infinity Solar, Inc. understands that you’re looking for solar solutions because you want to reduce costs. To help you make your solar project a reality, we offer financing options.

About Our Solar Panel Installation & Solar Batteries For Homes

Our high-quality solar panel installation service is backed by LG’s 25-years limited warranty. That’s right; we partnered with LG to offer you a world-class solar panel experience. The LG’s solar panels we install are highly efficient and very durable. Saving money on electricity has never been easier! 

We are proud to inform you that we are also partnered with Tesla and Enphace to install their solar battery storage: Tesla Powerwall and Enphace Solar Battery. Both allow you to store energy from your solar panels and even from the grid. These solar battery storage systems are guaranteed to be sleek, compact-designed, easy to install, and completely automated. 

Start Saving Money With Infinity Solar 

Start saving 40% per year on your energy costs with Infinity Solar. Investing in solar has proven to be one of the most cost-effective experiences for property owners throughout our country. Let’s work together to help the environment while putting more money in your pocket. Contact us for a free quote.