Solar Powered Energy Solutions for the Future

Using the new Tesla Powerwall 2.0, homeowners finally have a backup power-storage system to store power generated from their solar panels. Infinity Solar is one of the few solar installers in Aliso Viejo offering Tesla Powerwall.

How Does Tesla Powerwall Work?

Tesla Powerwall is attached to the home, and has the ability to store power in a lithium-ion battery. Homeowners also have the ability to charge batteries, saving them for future power use. As the sun hits the solar panels, the power generated during the day is used to power the home, and excess power will be sent to the Powerwall system, where it is stored until needed. When the sun is not shining, the power system uses a load-shifting method to draw on the power from the battery as needed.

Powerwall includes a software integration system, allowing homeowners to have more control over the way in which their power is stored and used.

How Does Powerwall 2.0 Look?

The latest Powerwall system released not only holds more energy, it is sleeker and smaller in its design. The small power pack is mounted to the home, normally in the garage or exterior of the home. The Powerwall system is white, and has a smooth, sleek look, making it look modern and unique. For more information about Powerwall, call Infinity Solar in Aliso Viejo today.

Tesla Powerwall