Tesla Powerwalls in Mission Viejo, CA

Tesla PowerwallMoving Toward Sustainable Energy with Tesla Powerwall

Tesla has been on a mission to focus on bringing renewable energy to the world. Infinity Solar is one of the limited distributors offering Powerwall to customers in Mission Viejo. Powerwall is a battery system designed to store the sun’s energy, providing clean energy to your home or small business day or night.

How It’s Different

Unlike other solar power storage solutions, Tesla 2.0 comes with a unique emergency backup system, which allows homeowners to store the power generated from the solar panels into at-home batteries. Storing the electricity generated by the solar panels for later use is one of the key features that makes Tesla Powerwall so beneficial and attractive for homeowners seeking to live a zero-emission lifestyle.

How Does Tesla Powerwall Look?

While some battery storage solutions are quite large, Tesla Powerwall is designed to look sleek, and is installed on the interior or exterior of the home. Most people install the Powerwall in the garage or on the exterior of the home. The Powerwall system includes a lithium-ion battery that stores the power generated by the solar power system. When your home requires more energy than what the solar system can generate, it will turn to the Powerwall system to use the excess energy, this process is known as load-shifting.

The Tesla Powerwall system includes a software integration system, making it easier to store and distribute power the way you want. Contact Infinity Solar for more information related to Tesla Powerwall and your solar energy needs.

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