Tesla Powerwalls in Newport Beach, CA

Tesla PowerwallHeading Toward the Future with Powerwall

Many homeowners are seeking new ways to start living a zero emission lifestyle, fortunately Tesla Powerwall is ready to help you make that transition. Tesla Powerwall stores the power that is generated from the sun, allowing homeowners to use the power during the night and other times when the sun is not actively charging the solar panels. Infinity Solar is one of the only distributors providing Tesla Powerwall to residents in Newport.

How Does Tesla Powerwall Work?

Tesla Powerwall is a sleek box that is installed on the home. The modern-looking box will store the energy that is captured by the sun, and using a load-shifting method, it will turn the power back to the home as needed. The lithium-ion battery is designed to store the electricity and allows homeowners to have control over the way the power is used through a software integration system.

What You Need to Know

To keep Tesla Powerwall working effectively, a cooling system was created to keep it from overheating. Tesla Powerwall 2.0 includes a cooling system that will adapt to indoor versus outdoor use.

For more information about Tesla Powerwall installation, contact Infinity Solar today! We offer additional solar solutions to help homeowners in Newport Beach get one step closer to living a zero emission lifestyle.

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