Tesla Powerwalls in Huntington Beach

Tesla PowerwallFinally, a Way to Store Solar Energy!

Tesla Powerwall recently released version 2.0, allowing homeowners to have a backup power system. Infinity Solar is one of the distributors providing Tesla Powerwall installation to Huntington Beach customers. If paired with the right solar system, Powerwall is one of the best ways to live a zero emission lifestyle.

What is Powerwall?

Powerwall is used as a back-up power source when the sun is unable to charge the solar panels. Powerwall uses a load-shifting system to push the power into the home at night or when the solar panels are unable to provide power to the home as the sun isn’t charging them. Powerwall makes it easy for homeowners to use the power as needed with a software integration system. Powerwall is a small, sleek-looking system that is mounted to your home. The battery is small, unobtrusive and it does not require any gasoline to work during an emergency. The lithium-ion battery will help solar customers to get more value out of their panels by storing the power for use later.

Powerwall Installation

If you are in Huntington Beach, contact Infinity Solar for more information about Powerwall installation. We help customers find the right solar solutions to aid in helping customers start moving toward a zero-emission lifestyle.

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