Tesla Powerwalls in Irvine, CA

Tesla PowerwallStoring Solar Energy with Powerwall

Do you currently have a solar system in place in your home? Whether or not you have taken the steps toward living with clean energy, Tesla Powerwall is here to provide one of the most effective methods in storing solar energy. Infinity Solar in Irvine is one of the few solar installers offering Tesla Powerwall to California residents.

What is Tesla Powerwall?

Tesla Powerwall 2.0 has advanced greatly from its predecessor as it provides nearly twice the energy storage. Tesla Powerwall uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery to hold the power that is generated from the sun. If the solar panels are not able to continue powering the home due to a storm or nighttime hours, Powerwall will immediately switch on, powering the home. The process of moving toward an emergency back-up system is called load-shifting.

Powerwall includes a software integration system that allows homeowners to have access to the way the power is stored and used.

How Does It Look?

Powerwall is a sleek, white box that is installed on the home. Based on the energy consumption needs of the home, multiple boxes can be installed for emergency backup purposes. For Powerwall installation information, contact Infinity Solar today. We proudly serve Irvine solar energy residents and are here to assist in all your solar power needs.

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