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Certified EV Charger Installer

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Getting solar EV panels installed on your home or business is easy! Just call Infinity Solar, Orange County’s #1 certified EV charger installer, at (714) 880-8089.

One of the biggest challenges drivers face when buying a new electric vehicle (EV) involves finding convenient charge stations. As EVs are still relatively new in the driving landscape, there are not always electric vehicle charging stations along your route, especially in rural parts of the country.

As a certified EV charger installer in California, Infinity Solar makes installing and maintaining an electric vehicle charger in your home or business simple and convenient.

Getting your own charging installation allows you to charge your vehicle using clean solar energy from the comfort of your own home. Top your battery off while you sleep, and say goodbye to the fear of running out of charge before you reach the next station in the morning.

Read on to learn more about how Infinity Solar can get you started with electric car charging for your residence or place of work.

The Process

Getting started with an EV charging station has never been easier. Our Infinity Solar certified EV charger installers walk you through the steps below to help you understand the process and what it would look like for you.

Request a Proposal

A consultant and our design team inspect your home or business to determine your energy requirements, gather information, and design a custom solar-based system to optimize your foray into renewable, clean energy.

Site Inspection

One of our certified technicians performs a site inspection to ensure that your quoted EV solution works for your property. They inspect the roof of your building, where we will install solar panels, as well as your garage to determine where we’ll place the wall connector.


Installation is easy—we handle all the heavy lifting for you. We take care of the design and engineering approval, city permits, HOA, final inspection, utility connections, and everything else leading up to the actual installation of your EV panel.
After this, you can charge your electric car at home or work, powered by energy from the solar panels placed atop your home or business.

Determining What Type of Charging Station Your Home and Vehicle Needs

Level 1 Charging Station

This 120-volt charging station allows you to plug your EV into a normal electrical outlet. The only difference is that with installation by Infinity Solar, your outlet is powered by solar energy.

It takes roughly 22 hours to charge an average EV fully. While this charge time seems long, the average driver only drives less than 40 miles per day, meaning you likely won’t have to charge it for a full 22 hours each night.

Level 2 Charging Station

These 240-volt stations vary in output (3.3 kW – 16.8 kW). In most instances, the optimal charger for your home sits somewhere between those two values. With more power, you can charge your electric vehicle in less time, as little as eight hours for a full charge!

Certified EV Charger Installer in Orange County, California

With over three million residents, Orange County boasts a picturesque climate marked by sunny days and mild to warm temperatures. Whether you’re into professional sports, abundant tourist attractions, or notable performing arts venues, Orange County has something for all its residents. This sunny climate makes the ideal home for solar panels, allowing them to generate copious amounts of energy every day.

Ready to get started with the #1 certified EV charger installer in California? Contact Infinity Solar today to start the process by calling (714) 880-8089. Let us show you why so many of your EV-driving neighbors trust us to meet all their clean energy needs.