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California’s Rebate Bill May Have Dimmed, But the Future of Energy Storage is Bright

A bill that would have created a long-term energy storage subsidy in California may have gotten the ax this summer, but the industry is still optimistic about what’s next.

Consumer Incentives and Credits

Bill SB700 sought to create a new set of incentives for those who wanted to move away from the grid and engage in clean energy generation and storage in the state. It would have created a so-called “market certainty,” which would have provided for a clear and established path forward toward new policies.

Among these policy changes would be the implementation of credits, or incentives, toward the installation and upkeep of storage systems.

Lawmakers and industry leader agree this is key to helping California achieve a 50% renewable, clean energy mandate by the year 2030.

Optimistic Outlook

It is essential that storage and incentives to install such storage be a part of any conversation which drives the state more toward renewable energy freedom, and while SB700 is done for now, that conversation — and the push for new energy storage policy changes in Sacramento — will continue.

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