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Top Reasons To Turn To Solar Energy

If you are not using solar energy, you may be paying unnecessarily high electricity bills. 

Even when we apply all the “saving energy tips” available on the internet, electricity bills are still too high. You can put an end to this dilemma by using solar energy.

Solar energy is efficient, allowing for huge savings on monthly energy expenses. You can even store excess electricity for nighttime or during grid power outages. There are many more reasons why people are now investing in solar energy systems. Keep reading to find out why.

Solar Energy Is Affordable

Solar photovoltaics or solar power has become more affordable in recent years. Freeing Energy stated that the costs of solar energy depend on the following factors:

  • Efficiency rate
  • Production scale
  • Prices of raw materials

The head of Freeing Energy, Bill Nussey, further said that these factors will significantly continue lowering the cost of solar. 

In addition to lower solar energy prices, there are grant financing solutions to help you save from the very beginning. You can also qualify for the 26% federal tax credit if your system was installed by December 31, 2020.

Production of Electricity Is Efficient

Depending on the manufacturer, solar power technologies within photovoltaic cells have 20% or more efficiency levels. It was unthinkable in the late 1980s for monocrystalline solar panels to have a 20% production ceiling. However, in Australia’s New South Wales University, Dr. Martin Green’s team proved that the production ceiling could go higher than 20%.

Since then, many manufacturers have aimed to hit above 20% efficiency levels. But it depends on the solar panel type we choose. 

Today, solar energy is more efficient because of the PV modules’ overall performance enhancement throughout the panel. Not only is it efficient, but it also decreases our expenses on electricity over time. 

Electricity Interruptions and Costs Are Reduced

Even when using the renewable source of solar during the day and night, we can still cut down on our electricity bills. NREL stated that the sun produces more energy in an hour than what we use in a year. This means we can use solar energy daily for free, whether for business or residential purposes. 

For a night or backup power usage, solar energy can be stored in a battery. These batteries store excess electricity from our solar panels during the daytime. This stored power can also be used to avoid increased power prices during peak times for energy consumption. 

We can utilize our solar energy batteries or storage units to provide electricity to our homes during blackouts. Some solar energy storage units can even provide your home with electricity for a week. 

Carbon Pollution Is Decreased

We can also help reduce carbon pollution by one kilowatt-hour of electricity for every kilowatt-hour produced by our solar photovoltaic system. This kilowatt-hour of electricity is normally supplied by non-renewable sources coming from utility companies. 

But a DOE’s study showed that even if modules are not recycled, fewer modules will go to landfills because they have longer lifetimes

Warranty Lifetime Is Longer

We can maximize our PV systems when we have a manufacturer warranty of about 25 years, which is common with many systems. Moreover, manufacturers also provide product warranties. Because of the longer lifetime of the warranty, solar energy systems can increase your home value with an average of $10,000 to $15,000.

In addition, there are 5-year warranties which cover the following:

  • Array installation
  • Electrical wiring
  • Utility’s interconnection
  • Roof penetration
  • External and internal mechanical connections
  • Array’s electrical connection to the consumer’s meter

Ready To Install Your Own Solar Energy System? Find One Near You

There are various financing options to help pay for your solar energy system, such as a zero down payment option or budgeting for your solar energy system. With such, you can start saving from the beginning of your purchase. 

Solar energy projects contribute to building a better workforce, climate, and financial stability for all. 

If you want to start cutting costs on your monthly electricity bills, contact a qualified solar installer. Find out more about the great reasons to turn to solar energy for your business or residential needs.