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Just Announced! New Panasonic 25-year Product Workmanship Warranty

Panasonic Eco Solutions North America has upped the ante on the viability of its  HIT® high-efficiency photovoltaic module by announcing the one of the longest product workmanship warranties in the residential solar industry.

The warranty for HIT® panels now extends to 25 years which essentially guarantees the claim that high-efficiency solar panels are a sound long-term investment.

What This Means for Infinity Solar Customers

This warranty is only being offered to customers of selected distribution partners, including Infinity Solar, who have a reputation of proven quality and experience when it comes to the solar system installation.

So, effective May 1st , 2017 and expiring December 31st, 2017, all Panasonic solar photovoltaic modules sold and installed by Infinity Solar to residential solar customers will have the Enhanced 25 Year Warranty.

This is great news for those who have purchased, or are considering a purchase of these units this year.

(Click HERE to Read the Details of the New Panasonic Enhanced Warranty for HIT® panels.)

Provisions of the Panasonic Enhanced Warranty

With the enhanced warranty provision in place, Panasonic will at its discretion, repair or replace the non-functioning or reduced-functioning unit in an appropriate manner, and will also cover the cost of shipping, removal, installation or reinstallation of the units at a reasonable and preauthorized rate.

If, for whatever reason, removal and replacement of the unit is not possible, then Panasonic will offer the customer a prorated refund of their original purchase and installation cost. The prorate will be defined according to the number of months from the original purchase of the unit by the customer and will be further calculated by the difference between the actual output the unit is offering as measured under STC, and the minimal guaranteed output.

Panasonic still warrants that the units covered by this are to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal application and installation conditions, when put to use in a residential environment, for up to 25 years from the date of the original customer purchase.

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