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4 Reasons Why You Need to Go Solar Before the End of the Year

Are you debating whether or not to go solar for your home? If so, what’s holding you back?

The expense? Or are you waiting for better technology?

Well, wait no longer. Now is the time to jump on the solar bandwagon before the end of the year.

Technology has advanced markedly, and as more people have seen the wisdom of installing solar electric panels on their homes, manufacturers have brought the price down by more than 70% since 2009!

But don’t just take our word for it: Here’s an in-depth look at why now is a great time to go solar.

1. Solar Panels Are Affordable

A long time, you needed a lot of cash to pay the big upfront cost of solar panels, which could cost tens of thousands of dollars. Besides the steep drop in price in recent years, a number of rebate and financing programs have put solar in reach for far more people. The US federal rebate of 30% was extended through 2019, after which it will fall by 4 % per year and then get phased out in 2022.

2. Energy Prices are Rising

Energy prices have risen sharply across Southern California, and increases are expected to continue in coming years. In your calculations about the affordability of solar, don’t forget to take into account how much more you might be paying for electricity 10-20 years from now.

3. Solar Technology Has Improved

The technological improvements that excite people in the solar industry are the same ones that have lowered the cost of solar energy so dramatically. In fact, innovations in the supporting tools used for installing solar panels have simplified the installation process, greatly reducing installation cost. Incremental gains in panel efficiency also mean that today’s systems are more effective at converting solar energy into electricity.

Not only that, Tesla’s Powerwall 2.0 battery for homes and small businesses means you can store the sun’s energy during the day and use that same energy at night, when the sun isn’t shining. The Powerwall 2.0 battery can power a two-bedroom home for one day. Add additional batteries for more energy and storage capacity to power your home and your car.

4. You Can Cut Household Emissions

The clock is ticking on our climate. Using solar electricity is one significant way to reduce your contribution to climate-warming emissions. On many sunny days this fall when our geothermal system isn’t drawing electricity, we’ve actually used less than we’ve produced, making us climate positive, at least in this area of our lives.

On average, the clean power generated on your roof will help you avoid 41 tons of carbon emissions in the next 25 years, which is roughly equivalent to planting over a thousand trees. Household energy use accounts for about 15% of our carbon footprint, so if you cover all your home’s electricity with solar energy, you’ve knocked a sizeable amount off your emissions for as long as they’re in operation.

Can Solar Work For You?

Could the sun power your home? Now’s the time to jump in, find out, and join the clean energy revolution! Contact Infinity Solar, Inc of Orange today for a FREE QUOTE on a home solar energy system.