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Three Reasons Why Solar Will Play a Role in National Recovery and Ensure a Greener Future

COVID-19 is one of the most difficult forces businesses have had to face in recent years. We’ve seen the fall of many establishments that’ve failed to adapt while others flourished. The nation continues its focus on health while businesses adjust to new demands brought by the virus. Sustainability is what we need to focus on, and solar power is the key to a greener future.

Solar Power Creates Jobs

Alternative energy and clean technology have been a focus of the US economy for decades. Investments in it have varied, though it has picked up in the last few years. In 2019, the US reported that 40% of all new electric generating capacity additions were from solar energy. The increase in demand brought about a need to fill the gap in the workforce.

Over the last decade, the boom in solar energy created over 250,000 jobs. Many companies boast thousands of employees. Networks of hundreds of dealers have also opened, giving many the chance to engage in a new business. Small dealerships in local communities represent around 14,000 jobs.

Solar Energy Fights Climate Change

Climate change is a crisis that has long been a concern even before the coronavirus. Contributing factors to this rapid change in the environment directly link to the burning of fossil fuels. Businesses and homes power a third of the nation’s carbon emissions.

Solar energy can help reduce that pollution, which eventually benefits the environment. We can prevent devastating events like wildfires and drought.

Reducing our carbon footprint helps our planet’s sustainability. As organizations take steps to ensure a safer future, our habits must also change. Renewable energy is the extra mile that helps prevent hazardous gases from spreading throughout the earth.

Solar Power Is Cost-Effective

Thanks to recent technological advancements, solar power has become increasingly affordable. The government is also incentivizing the use of it through rebates and tax credits. We’ll continue to see future products generate more energy, helping both businesses and homeowners. The field is also very competitive, with solar companies vying to offer the best price. Since 2010, prices for solar panel systems have dropped by around 50%.

Studies have shown that solar investment is much more affordable than relying on fossil fuel options, coal, or natural gas. Unlike these other options, the sun is a renewable resource. It is incredibly strong, and most of its energy is still barely utilized.

Welcome to the Future

Solar power looks to remain a solution to help with current global problems. As the world recovers, its value will increase and gain recognition. From job opportunities to affordable renewable energy, solar brings many benefits. Our part is to see if these benefits can match our current needs.Going solar will help protect our environment today and set up a greener future for tomorrow. The virus will end, and the efforts we make now will have a lasting impact. It is time we start reducing the negativities around us.