You are currently viewing [WATCH] Exclusive Drone Footage Shows Infinity Solar Installation

[WATCH] Exclusive Drone Footage Shows Infinity Solar Installation

Want to see Infinity Solar in action? We recently commissioned new drone technology to capture an Infinity Solar installation flyover. This gives us and our customers an exclusive birdseye view of a solar panel installation.

The footage also gives a good sense of the scale of the property, and how our installation team works with solar panel systems.

A residential solar energy system consists of an array of solar modules (panels), an inverter, racking, standoffs, and many smaller components. The panels, shown here being installed on a roof, are strategically positioned to take maximum advantage of the sun’s energy during prime daylight hours. The panels contain photovoltaic cells that transform the incoming sunlight into direct current electricity. The inverter turns this direct current electricity into alternating current electricity that is fed into the power distribution system of your home.

Infinity Solar is a leader in providing residential solar energy solutions to homeowners throughout Southern California.

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