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Why Power Your Home On A Battery?

We’re pretty fortunate to be living in Southern California. Power outages are rare occurrences, but still it’s always good to have a backup energy source. Home solar customers have an excellent option for back up power: a battery.

Home battery systems, like the Tesla Powerwall 2.0, are excellent for storing electricity from the grid or solar source.

What is the Tesla Powerwall 2.0 Battery?

The Powerwall 2.0 is a rechargeable battery that allows you to store electricity from your solar panels or from the grid when utility rates are the lowest. You can then use that stored electricity to power your home during peak rate hours or in the evening. Unlike other home batteries that are bulky and difficult to install and maintain, the Powerwall 2.0 offers a sleek, compact design, easy installation, and is completely automated so that it requires no maintenance.

Why use a Home Battery?

1. It is compatible with green energy, like solar. Most home battery systems, like the Powerwall 2.0, can be used together with solar panels. If the amount of sunlight is sufficient for the day, the panels can charge the battery completely and allow you to use electricity even when there’s no sunlight.

2. It reduces your dependence on the grid. If you have a battery, you don’t have to connect certain areas of your house to the main electricity. For example, if you have a barn, you can power it using the home battery.

3. A battery can help you take advantage of off-peak energy tariffs. Normally, electricity supply companies will charge you more when the demand for power is high. For example, the tariffs are higher on weekends because most people are at home, and they have to use their electrical appliances. When you have a battery, you can charge it during off-peak days and then use it on weekends to reduce your power costs.

4. Using a home battery can help you pay less electricity on the grid. This is because you end up putting less pressure on the grid. When the demand for electricity is high, power companies perform costly upgrades and then transfer the costs to consumers, resulting in high bills.

5. Using a home battery system will also help you earn more money in the future. Since the government is focused on green energy, there are plans to introduce laws that will allow green energy users to sell some of their power to other homes. It means that you will be able to sell some of that extra battery energy for a profit.

Can Solar and a Home Battery Work For You?


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