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What Will Happen if the Polar Ice Caps Continue to Melt?

Now that we are well into 2017, there is growing concern over the polar ice caps melting. The extensive use of fossil fuels has global warming experts concerned about the rising sea levels. The polar ice caps are indeed melting at speeds faster than scientists originally predicted in years past. Antarctica and Greenland house more than 75 percent of the world’s fresh water and can increase the oceanic levels by over 246 feet.

Polar Ice Caps Melting and Coastal States

So what will happen to coastal states if the polar ice caps continue to melt at their current rate? Coastal states, provinces, and countries are vulnerable to long-term flooding, tsunamis, and hurricanes. What does this mean for California, Florida, and other coastal states? New Orleans, Miami, San Francisco, Houston, Philadelphia, Charleston, and Norfolk will all be submerged under water.

Solar Panels and Global Warming

Solar panels aid in reducing global warming by decreasing the use of fossil fuels, which increase greenhouse gases.  Solar energy is a free source of sustainable energy from the sun. Modern solar panels allow homeowners with the ability to take advantage of this energy. Tesla Powerwall allows homeowners to harness this energy and use it during times when the sun is not actively charging the solar panels.

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