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Why You Need Whole House Surge Protectors Right Now

Infinity Solar installs whole house surge protectors as a complimentary bonus to all of solar panel installations.


With the advent of smart home technology, the prevalence of personal communication and computing devices, and the increasing connectedness of our lives, electronics are not just a part of our home, they are an integral component of the homes themselves. That’s why whole house surge protection systems are a necessary part of today’s well-equipped home, especially in the Orange and LA county areas where lightning strikes and surges are becoming more common.

Most Surges Triggered By Indoor Equipment

It should also be noted that while lightning strikes are one of the biggest contributors to electronic and appliance damage every year, the truth is that 80% of surges at the breaker panel are caused by equipment in the home switching on and off. This could be refrigerators, dryers, electric ovens, or AC unit compressors. Even your pool pump or garage door opener can trigger a surge. Smaller items can create micro-surges that don’t trip portable surge protectors as they are a normal part of operation. Over time, however, they can cause hardware stress and latent damage leading to glitches, lockups, circuit board and power supply damage, and eventual failure.

Personal injury from shocks, damage to equipment, and even fire can occur if surges are not rested properly and effectively — which is why there’s never been a better time than RIGHT NOW to install whole house surge protectors.

Surge Protectors Keep Your Home and Family Safe

Just as you would install a water filter system in your home to provide your family with clean, clear, odor free water at a steady flow rate, a surge protection system does the same thing for the power coming to your home.

While portable surge protection, such as in power strips and single outlet plugs is great, other items like phone lines and cable lines are still at risk and can transfer surges to other equipment if a lightning strike occurs nearby. A whole home protection system protects you, your family, and everything in your home starting with the breaker box. You can rest assured phone, cable, and other wired systems are also protected. In addition, if you have a home with a lot of out-buildings, outdoor AV equipment, or lighting, then you can easily increase protection to cover it all.

Get More Life Out Of Your Electronics and Appliances

Surge protection not only protects your family and your appliances, but can help you get more usable life out of everything in your home that uses electricity. When properly installed by Infinity Solar, Inc of Orange — surge protection can provide a rapid return on investment, as well as savings in the long run on replacing or repairing items. Most insurance companies will offer a discount on homeowner’s coverage for installed whole home protection systems, and recommend them to their policyholders.

Infinity Solar is an exclusive Southern California installer of Whole House Surge Protectors across Orange County and Los Angeles County. Contact us today for a comprehensive quote for your home.