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Energy Storage 101

Storing energy generated from your solar panels is an effective way to make your home more sustainable. By saving energy from the daylight hours you’ll be less dependent on the power grid, and even protected in case of a blackout.

How It Works

The solar panels on your roof generate a DC current. In a regular setup, this energy gets sent directly to a solar inverter. This device is a mandatory part of any solar panel system. It takes the DC current and converts it into an AC current that can be used by your home’s appliances. When your energy needs are high, the entire DC current is used by your home.

If you have a battery storage system, your setup will work differently. When the appliances in your home are switched off and the electricity demands are low, some of the DC current will be diverted from the inverter and used to charge your backup battery. This process is automatic and depends on how much energy your home requires. Because of how it’s regulated, a battery backup system is a smart option. It only charges when your home doesn’t require all the energy available from the solar panels.

When you’re planning the installation of your home battery system, Infinity Solar can help you figure out how much storage capability you need. A single, average sized battery will provide your home with enough electricity for a single evening.

The Benefits of a Battery Backup System

The biggest benefit of a battery backup system is that you’ll always have a constant supply of energy to your home. This can be an advantage because electrical rates from the utilities tend to be higher in the evening. By saving power from the day you’ll be able to use it at night and save on your bill.

Additionally, if you have enough solar panels and a large enough battery, you’ll be able to use renewable energy around the clock.

Tesla Powerwall 2.0 — What You Need to Know

One of the most exciting technologies on the market is the Tesla Powerwall lithium-ion battery. Much like an Apple product, this new solar storage battery combines form with function. It’s small, easy to install, comes with a multi-year warranty, and it’s even beautiful to look at.

In October 2016, Tesla announced the Powerwall 2 home storage battery, significantly updating the first generation’s capabilities. The new version has twice the energy density (14kWh vs last year’s 7kWh) and comes with an integrated inverter, which the previous version did not include.

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